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Fair Allocation in Runways NFP

PO Box 607812

Chicago, IL  60660


To submit FAA complaints, please follow these steps.

1) Download the FAA form below

2) Fill out the form 

3) Save the form as a PDF

4) Upload the form using the "upload it" button below.

5) Submit the form by clicking the "submit" button below. *

*after uploading the form, you MUST hit submit to send the form to FAiR. If this was done correctly, you will receive a confirmation notice. 

Step #1- Click below to download the FAA form

Upload It
Max File Size 15MB

Step # 2- Fill out the form that you just downloaded

Step #3-Save the form to you computer as a PDF

Step #4-Click Upload it. Chose the FAA Form PDF file that you just saved to your computer

Step #5- Click submit to send the file that you just uploaded.