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About Us


FAiR started as a cross-section of people across metropolitan Chicagoland who became activists due to changed runway patterns and increased plane traffic at O’Hare and Midway Airports.  These changes, made without resident input or informed consent, have negatively affected our daily lives, our sleep, and our property values by increasing noise and pollution over our communities.



FAiR NFP  is a non-profit organization whose vision is to improve the quality of life in Chicagoland and NW Indiana neighborhoods negatively impacted by aviation changes.

FAiR's mission is to:

1) Support and champion new immediate and long term solutions to mitigate and abate noise and air pollution generated by current and future airport operations.  FAiR NFP will work to lessen the negative impacts of airplane noise and pollution on communities through education leading to implementation of local, state, and federal air pollution policies and noise abatement programs.

2) Educate community members and leaders, elected and appointed officials, and business interests that a regional solution is necessary to disperse airplane noise and pollution. Increasing utilization at regional airports will spur economic growth throughout the region while safely meeting the future airport capacity needs of the entire Chicagoland and Northwestern Indiana region.

FAiR NFP will accomplish its mission in part by coordinating interested parties into strong, influential support groups while proposing community-sensitive, regionalized aviation policy. In addition, FAiR NFP will litigate, if necessary, to compel our elected and appointed political representatives to enforce existing municipal, state, and federal laws on behalf of the public interest.

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