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FAiR 2021 Quarterly Update

April 23, 2021

Dear Neighbor,

FAiR has been busy during the first quarter of 2021. Its volunteers have been laying the groundwork needed to capture the aircraft data that will enable the public to weigh-in on the decisions that determine how aircraft will intrude on our lives. During this quarter, FAiR initiated its Noisy program by distributing over 30 Noisy monitors across the areas effected by aircraft noise and pollution. Homeowners living nearby, including those in Chicago, Niles, Park Ridge, Wood Dale, and Itasca, are now capturing aircraft data. Powerful data from these monitors are accumulated and will be used to support FAiR's mission, including potential legal action against the FAA, the City of Chicago and/or the airlines for damages caused by the noise and pollution. In addition to the distribution of Noisy monitors, two specialized antennas were deployed. These antennas track specific flight information and will capture and send accurate airline data to the Noisy monitors. As with most rollouts, there have been a few hiccups related to installation and occasional monitor interruptions, and as with most rollouts, as these hiccups emerge, the system is tweaked to resolve them. Moving into the second quarter, FAiR will continue distributing Noisy monitors. It also looks forward to networking with other groups who are fighting airport noise and pollution. The more data we gather, the more evidence we have to push for remediation. For more information, contact us or check out our website.

Example readout from Noisy device showing airplane decibel levels

Thank you for your support.

FAiR Leadership


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