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We have drafted a quick update on the activities of FAiR NFP since our rollout in December 2017.


Approximately 1,300 people have signed up with FAiR NFP. These 1,300 people are what we consider ‘active’ members. FAiR NFP has regular communication with these members either through phone, e-mail, Facebook, or one-on-one contact at our community meetings.

In order for us to increase membership, FAiR NFP needs our active members to reach out directly to their friends, family, and community. If you know someone who has been affected by the air and noise pollution associated with the O’Hare Modernization Plan (OMP), please reach out to them by phone or e-mail. Please place the following web address in the e-mail before you send. The link will take them directly to membership activation.

FAiR NFP’s goal is to increase membership by 10% per month. If an active member can find one new contact to sign up during the next twelve months, we’ll reach that goal. This is a modest request, and certainly within our capabilities. Also, if you are in possession of a mass mailing list that you can provide to FAiR NFP for membership outreach, that would be extremely helpful.

FAiR NFP has drafted a preliminary membership action plan that goes beyond connecting with residents. Businesses, public institutions (e.g. schools, colleges, universities) and community groups (e.g. neighborhood associations, park councils), are crucial in activating the masses to our cause. If there are contacts or mailing lists that you can provide to FAiR NFP regarding these entities, please forward.


We have approximately 20 active volunteers with FAiR NFP. These volunteers fall within two active committees: 1) Membership, and 2) Operations. Our Membership Committee is focused on direct outreach to residents, businesses, community groups, and public institutions. Their goal is to plan and execute a campaign that establishes membership within FAiR NFP in the quickest possible way (more information below under ‘FAiR NFP Expenditures’). Our Operations Committee will continue to formulate technical proposals that have an immediate impact on the elimination noise and air pollution. They will continue to do outreach and interface with the O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC), city and suburban elected officials, FAA, and the Chicago Department of Aviation.

Two other committees are in the early stages of development and will be launched shortly: 1) Legal, and 2) Political. The Legal Committee will push for litigation against the City of Chicago and the FAA. The Political Committee will be split out from FAiR NFP as a separate Political Action Committee (PAC). The PAC will support candidates and elected officials that actively pursue the policy objectives of FAiR NFP.

FAiR NFP’s goal is to increase committee volunteer support by 10% per month. Current volunteers will recruit new volunteers through our active membership.


FAiR NFP has raised significant contributions from our members since our roll-out in December 2017. Unfortunately, we are well below our goal for what we need as a viable and impactful organization. Most donations since December have come through one-time contributions. It is critical that our active membership contribute the minimum $5, $10, or $25. Moreover, contributions need to be on a recurring monthly basis, even if you can give only $5 per month. The average cable bill is $150-$200 per month. A $5, $10, or $25 per month contribution to FAiR NFP will support our fight to directly improve your quality of life. Please place the following web address in an e-mail to your friends, family and community members to request contributions. The link will take them directly to the donation link.

With our expanded membership outreach, we will also request contributions from community organizations, public institutions, businesses and particularly wealthy individuals in higher income communities.

FAiR NFP Expenditures

FAiR NFP exists as a purely volunteer organization. All FAiR NFP leaders and volunteers contribute their time and resources without compensation. In addition, most leaders and volunteers have full-time jobs, spouses and children.

Following our first Membership Committee meeting in early April, several short-term initiatives were introduced which we believe will have an immediate impact:

  • Further upgrade online capabilities including expanding functionality

  • Retool FAiR NFP’s chicagonoisecomplant application to circumvent the throttling of resident complaints via the introduction of CAPTCHA on the City of Chicago’s 311 noise complaint system

  • Institute direct mail campaign targeting prospective members using our reduced postage rate as a not-for-profit

  • Advertise FAiR NFP on billboards targeted initially to residents within the most densely affected Chicago neighborhoods and suburbs

  • Create and distribute metallic bumper stickers to existing members

The costs for these initiatives will be paid through our member contributions. Building a mass movement of dedicated and active members only happens with continual outreach. Over the last two months, FAiR NFP has conducted 10 community meetings with presentations to neighborhood organizations and municipalities. These presentations have brought FAiR NFP closer to our members. Our goal is to continue in perpetuity, the community engagement directly to municipal city councils and elected representatives. We will directly ask affected municipalities to contribute to FAiR NFP in our fight.

Thank you for your support!!

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