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City Cheers about 75 new jobs. What about the thousands of citizens who will suffer sleepless nights

As stated in the following attached article "DHL opens new facility that will create 75 new jobs."

Fair estimates that over 75 people on one city and suburban block alone will incur negative health consequences with interrupted sleep due to this expansion.

“DHL’s expansion in Chicago, which brings new economic activity and jobs to our city, is a direct result of our investments to make O’Hare a top global gateway for air cargo operations,” said Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

There is absolutely no regard shown for the citizens of Chicagoland who are negatively affected by the current airport operations. We have yet to hear from Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Commissioner Ginger Evans on what is being done for those men, women and children breathing in these toxic fumes and suffering under these flight paths.

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