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The ONCC (O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission) has failed in its strategic goal to create a viable Fly Quiet overnight rotation. Instead of providing periodic noise relief, it has delivered consecutive heavy impacts to communities east and west of O'Hare every week and every night.

FAiR launched the "Save the Diagonals" campaign over two years ago and has continuously asserted and educated the governing bodies that saving diagonal runway 15/33 would be the only remaining path to a true, viable nighttime rotation. Without diagonal runway 15/33, the overnight rotation plan is unsustainable.

The Following statement was released by Illinois Tollway Commission Chairman Robert Schillerstrom:

"There had been a political issue where the suburbs were tired of dealing with all the plane noise, while the city was getting all the economic benefit," Schillerstrom said. "So they made a deal allowing the [O'Hare Modernization Plan] to move forward in exchange for western access."

FAiR has come to understand that Western Access is main reason Runway 15/33 needs to be decommissioned.

The Western municipalities cut a deal with the City of Chicago for Western Access and now they want the communities on the remaining diagonals (4/22's) to absorb the extra noise at night. However, as FAiR predicted, the 4/22s are incapable of absorbing most wide-body operations thereby resulting in the communities east and west of the airport permanently impacted.

As owner and operator of the Airport, the City of Chicago seems to be fine with the suburbs arguing about who gets the most impacts.

FAiR believes there is a better way.

FAiR is aware that alternative routes for the I-490 beltway were considered, therefore we propose:

- Moving the proposed I-490 beltway to Kingery highway or other appropriate route to avoid airport and railroad complications.

The Tollway Commission is still in litigation with the Canadian Pacific Railroad.

The present proposed route for I-490 would situate the toll road too close to the thresholds of the existing east/west parallel runways

- Extend I-390 to the airport connecting to the I-490 beltway at an alternate route further west.

- Save diagonal runway 15/33 and have a true Fly Quiet overnight rotation that offers relief from consecutive impacts.

- Create a solution that works for everybody and does not put the burden on those that are already most heavily impacted.

Are we going to allow the City and the tollway commission to build another toll road as part of a deal that robs us of our sleep?

If Mayor Rahm Emanuel is contemplating an express train at the possible cost of 3 billion dollars, you would think that CDA / the FAA and Tollway Commission could figure out a way to save 9600 feet of concrete to give people some relief.

Emanuel takes next step toward O'Hare express train




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