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FAiR 2019 Chicago Mayoral and Selected Aldermanic Candidate Questionnaire

The four questions below were posed to the 2019 Chicago Mayoral Candidates and Aldermanic Candidates in Chicago Wards 38, 39, 40, 41 and 45.  The responses are posted in the table. Those not responding have been marked as refused (R).  The purpose was to measure awareness of the O’Hare Noise and Air pollution issues and to determine the candidates commitment to addressing these issues. Please note, FAiR dose not support or oppose candidates and this is informational only.

1. The last Environmental Impact Study for the OMP was in 2005, before the installation of the new runways and reconfigurations that have shifted the burden of O’Hare’s impact to a narrow list of communities. This 2005 study did not include any focus on the areas most impacted by OMP. Would you call for an immediate federal and state O’Hare Area Environmental Impact Study to determine the impacts of the OMP on our communities?   YES or NO.   Comments:


2. There is no viable forum for community input into the effects of O’Hare expansion. The O’Hare Compatibility Commission (ONCC) serves at the favor of the mayor of Chicago, and—as evidenced by over 5 million Aircraft noise complaints to Chicago’s 311 Service in 2017— it has failed to serve the affected communities. Would you support restructuring the ONCC to include representation from the communities affected and have them serve as a consulting arm to the mayor? 

YES or NO.   Comments:


3. There are viable immediate solutions to help reduce aircraft noise and air pollution over the densely populated areas. These solutions are part of a “Noise Action Plan” that include steeper descent angles for aircraft, better controlled flight paths, and other operations focused on minimizing noise. Would you instruct the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) to review and escalate discussions with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to provide immediate rather than long term solutions? YES or NO.    Comments:


4. A “Fly Quiet” plan instituted by the ONCC was purportedly meant to ease the burden of night-time aircraft noise on the communities subjected to it. However, unlike what other cities have adopted, the “Fly Quiet” plan does not shut down flights during sleeping hours. It’s just a noise redistribution program that shifts the debilitating noise from one neighborhood to another by rotating flight paths each week. Interruption of sleep patterns has many documented negative effects (inluding elevating stress levels and affecting children’s’ learning abilities). Would you instruct the Chicago Department of Aviation to review with airline representatives the reduction of night-time operations at Chicago Airports?  YES or NO.    Comments:

As of Feb 22, 2019  *Table will be updated upon receipt of any further responses





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