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Monitor the status of SB 636 and SB 637

Dear FAiR Activists,
As we head into the holiday weekend, our pieces of legislation are still alive in Springfield, thanks to you!
SB636, which allows O’Hare to operate up to 10 runways, has passed the IL House and is working its way back through the Senate to the governor’s desk.  Let’s close out our week with a bang and contact our state senators in Springfield. They haven’t heard from us in a while – it is very important to let them know that we have not forgotten about the O’Hare legislation.
Phone calls and emails are needed to push this along. Please call or email the seven state senators that are actively working on this bill.  (Btw, most of these emails are the senators’ assistants’ but it is the most direct route to the senators.) 

Thank them for their help in expediting this process and for working to make a meaningful improvement in your community’s quality of life.

Urge them to push this quickly for a concurrence vote so that it can make its way to the governor.
Remind them of how important this is to you.
****PLEASE MAKE SURE to give a big thank you to Senators Mulroe and Kotowski in particular, both of whom have been working tirelessly to improve our situation.
Senator John Mulroe - (217)782 1035
Senator Dan Kotowski - (217) 782-3875
Senator Ira Silverstein  - (217) 782-5500
Senator Jacqueline Collins - (217) 782-1607
Senator Don Harmon - (217) 782-8176
Senator William DeGado  - (217) 782-5662
Senator Tom Cullerton (217 782-9463
Meanwhile, SB637, which would keep the diagonals operational, was sent back to the Rules committee for an amendment and adjustment to the language. We will keep you posted as to its progress and alert you when more phone calls are needed.

Go FAiR!



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We are currently looking for a team leader on the Legal/Legislative team and members for the NEW Health Concerns team.

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Clothing (and other items) with artwork by children to raise awareness of FAiR and the issues of increased noise and air pollution surrounding Chicago airports.

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Who are we?

Increase in O’Hare airplane noise and pollution and you, the citizen

We invite you to join the Fair Allocation in Runways (FAiR) Coalition, a citizen-led initiative that gathers democratically. We are a rapidly growing coalition of citizens and civics on Chicago’s NW side and near NW suburbs.

What is FAiR about?

FAiR seeks a real voice at O’Hare to secure an equitable distribution of takeoffs and landings, day and night, east and west, and using all existing runways including the diagonals. FAiR is the leading voice for residents on this issue.

What does FAiR believe?

It is our Coalition’s experience that citizens and civic organizations concerned about the severe impact on our communities from increased noise and air pollution occurring as a result of the new October 2013 runway configurations have not had a real seat at the table in the development and implementation of how O’Hare takeoff and landing patterns were designed. FAiR supports the economic engine that is O’Hare, but we believe that as our neighbor, the airport must work with the community to determine when and where those engines fly over our homes, yards, schools, parks and businesses. FAiR’s desire is to obtain acceptable solutions to community concerns as well as future plans so they do not become an issue. To date, that conversation with communities has been non-existent, with the unfortunate viewpoint given that the communities will simply have to live with the consequences resulting from October 2013 and O’Hare Modernization Plan (OMP) changes yet to come. The FAiR Coalition seeks to replace that antiquated institutional practice so common in Chicago and Cook County with a democratic approach involving a modern assessment of the risks and rewards for both O’Hare AND our communities. FAiR’s goal is a better future founded upon a real voice for communities and solutions arising out of collaboration between the citizenry and our government. Solutions to these types of challenges are not solely technical in nature but are more importantly democratic in substance.

What can you do?

As a neighbor, resident and fellow citizen, We ask you to Join FAiR. Then…

  • Sign our online petition
  • Report noise complaints
  • Contact your elected officials
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Put up a FAiR yard sign
  • Tell your neighbors about how our democracy has been imperiled
  • Become active with FAiR in your community

All of this can be done via this website, click on the buttons to your right or contact us for more information.