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Airplane Noise and Pollution Property Tax Appeal Primer**

AVAILABLE NOW: Packet from our 2015 FAiR tax appeal seminar


  • Cook County appeal forms: (Here) and (Here)
  • DuPage County appeal form: Here

Thank You for downloading our Property Tax Appeal Primer! With it, you are joining a rapidly growing Coalition of citizens seeking real community-based solutions to the October 2013 runway takeoff and landing changes made at O’Hare airport without any real community input. We hope you find our primer helpful as you consider an appeal. We invite you to share this information with your neighbors, friends and families.

Since October 2013, the Northwest side of Chicago and near Northwest suburbs have experienced a dramatically increased number of airplanes overhead, resulting in significantly increased volume and duration of airplane noise. This increase in the number and frequency of flights also means potentially higher levels of air pollution. Taken together, these impacts reduce the quality of life in our neighborhoods and, potentially, the value of our homes. Based on these changes, none of which were properly presented to residents, FAiR believes that you may be entitled to seek a reduction in property taxes. In order to see if this is indeed the case, please use the above reasons as the basis for your appeal and follow the accepted appeal process for your county.

Diane’s Success Story

In spring of 2014 a member of FAiR appealed her taxes through the Cook County Board of Review. She requested a hearing and attended without legal representation. She provided evidence including:

Diane found the hearing officer attentive and easy to talk to. The officer accepted all of the above materials and placed them in the folder for said property. The result was a reduction in assessed value of approximately 8%!

In addition to the contents of the above property tax appeal packet, we strongly encourage you to include:

All documents and articles can be found at

In Cook County, there are two avenues for appealing your property taxes: The Board of Review and/or the Assessor’s Office. In DuPage County, appeals are handled through the DuPage County Board of Review. Detailed information for each office can be found at the following websites:

The information below is adapted from 10th District Cook County Commissioner Bridget Gainer’s Citizen’s Guide to Appealing Property Taxes.(

Board of Review Assessor’s Office
When can I appeal? When your property is reassessed (every three years) and you receive the “Notice of Proposed Assessment” ORWhen your township is open for appeals every year. When your property is reassessed (every three years) and you receive the “Notice of Proposed Assessment” ORWhen your township is open for appeals every year.
What do I need? Completed Board of Review complaint form. Find online at Completed Assessor’s Office Appeal Form. Find online at
Where do I submit forms? Enter your Property Tax Identification Number (PIN) found on your bill and complete the form online.
By Mail:  Download, print out and complete complaint form (  Mail it to:Cook County Board of Review118 North Clark Street, Room 601Chicago, IL 60602(Write “COMPLAINT FORM” on the envelope)
In Person: Visit any of the six Board of Review offices in Chicago (City Hall), Bridgeview, Markham, Maywood, Rolling Meadows, and Skokie. (
Online:  Enter your Property Identification Number (PIN) found on your tax bill and complete the form online.
By Mail: Download, print out and complete a complaint form (  Mail it to:County Assessor Joe Berrios118 North Clark Street, 3rd FloorChicago, IL 60602(Write “COMPLAINT FORM” on the envelope)
In Person: Drop it off at any of the five Cook County Assessor’s Office locations: Chicago (City Hall), Bridgeview, Markham, or Skokie (
What happens next? You may request a hearing with the Board of Review staff to present your case and any evidence you may have. If you decline a hearing, you will be mailed the Board of Review’s decision after their analysis. The Assessor’s Office will analyze your appeal and mail you the result of your appeal.


Help FAiR track how successful your property tax appeals are!  Please email us to let us know that you’ve filed and again once you’ve obtained your result.  Check the website ( regularly to find out how many of us are filing… and winning!!!  We can also be found on Facebook.

**FAiR does not guarantee that you will win your tax appeal and does not profit in any way whether or not you choose to appeal.