Chicago5, O’Hare Tests New Runway Rotations to Help Quiet Noise Complaints. July 6, 2016

Rotación de pistas en el aeropuerto O ‘Hare beneficiaría a vecinos de Schiller Park. July 6, 2016


 ABC7, Group approves ‘Fly Quiet’ plan to reduce jet noise around O’Hare. May 6, 2016


Documentary of just how bad things are in Bensenville on Hillside Drive.


WGN’S “Beyond the Loop” interview with Helen Rosenberg. February 14, 2016


Fox 32 O’Hare Anti-noise group outraged at announcement of sixth runway. February 3, 2016

WDCB FAiR Objects to Chicago’s Plan For A New Runway. February 2, 2016

WLS interview with Helen Rosenberg. January 28, 2016


ABC7 O’Hare noise group who sought meeting with mayor for 2 years disappointed with meeting. January 27, 2016


WGN: O’Hare anti-noise leader: Emanuel does not care! January 27, 2016


WTTW: O’Hare Noise Complaint Advocates Meet with Mayor. January 27, 2016

WDCB interview with FAiR’s Linda Waltz. Citizens group gets face to face with Emanuel January 25, 2016


Fly Quiet Meeting of December 14, 2015

Gavel-to-gavel audio thanks to Frank Gagliardi. In the first 10 minutes Chairman Annunzio makes his position on outside audience involvement clear. For reference, here are the city and FAiR Fly Quiet presentations.

WDCB 90.9 FM: Neighbors Continue Fight For Noise Relief. December 16, 2015


NBC5:Homeowners Near O’Hare Find Easy Solution to Noise Hard to Obtain. December 8, 2015


NBC5:O’Hare opens new $516 Million runway. October 15, 2015



 WGN:New Tower and Runway open at O’Hare. October 15, 2015

WDCB 90.9 FM: O’Hare Set To Bring New Runway Online. October 13, 2015


Daily Herald Bensenville neighbors on O’Hare runway plans: Maybe time to move, August 12, 2015

Univision Audiencia pública por ruido en O´Hare August 12, 2015


WGN Radio interview with Colleen Mulcrone: Noise over O’Hare, when will it stop!? August 12, 2015


Residents Sound Off at FAA Public Meetings on O’Hare Noise August 11, 2015


WDCB Interview with Colleen Mulcrone August 11, 2015


Darrin Thomas interviewed on CLTV, August 3rd, 2015



Colleen Mulcrone on Chicago Tonight, July 30th, 2015

Quote of the week! Chicago Tribune July 25th, 2015

Quote of the week


WDCB 90.0 Interview.  July 21st, 2015.


Citizens Group Joins Conversation Over Jet Noise


WGN Residence near O’Hare sound off about airport noise. June 29th 2015

BGA Interview with FAiR’s Lisa Ziems. June 10th, 2015

BGA: Rahm not hearing O’Hare noise gripes


One picture worth a thousand words.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.09.44 PM


Press conference with elected officials on #savethediagonals Monday, June 8th, 2015



WBEZ, afternoon shift. June 5th, 2015


Click here for: Great piece on FAiR and Save the Diagonals.


Jack Higgins, Editorial Cartoonist for Chicago Sun-Times


FullSizeRender1ABC7 Eyewitness News, May 4th, 2015

O’Hare noise complaints at all time high

WGN May 4th, 2015

O’Hare neighbors sound off on jet noise

Fox 32 News, February 16, 2015

Noise complaints draw attention as election day nearsFOX 32 News Chicago

Even the Simpsons have airplane problems! This situation is unfortunately so true for many of us.

FAiR has an anthem!!

Song writing credit Joel Frankel; Performed by Joel and Layla Frankel

WTTW Chicago Tonight, November 19th, 2014


Complaints about O’Hare noise

WBBM sound bytes, November 20, 2014 (click to listen)


NW side family lives disrupted by O’Hare noise


ABC 7, November 7, 2014.



Delays and cancelations due to high winds while using only the parallel runways!  Winds were primarily from SW. There were no issues at Midway with the diagonal runways which were created to accommodate the SW winds typical to Chicago. O’Hare plans to decommission their diagonal runways.


NBC Chicago, November 7, 2014


Northwest side family says lives are disrupted by O’Hare noise


Univision Chicago, November 7, 2014 (Click to watch)


 Residentes piden legislación por ruido del O’Hare


Chicago Tribune, October 27, 2014 (click to watch)


 Confessions of O’Hare’s record noise complainer


Residents protest O’Hare noise, demand talks with Emanuel


 Chicago Sun-Times, FAiR Protest Event October 17, 2014 (Click to watch)


Residents protest O’Hare noise, demand talks with Emanuel


At Issue WBBM news radio August 10, 2014

This week on “At Issue” guest host Mike Krauser interviews the mayor of Itasca, Jeff Pruyn, and the head of the Fair Allocation in Runways, Jac Charlier, about how the O’Hare Modernization Project will have an impact on homeowners close to the O’Hare Airport. (Click below to watch)

The O’Hare Modernization Project


Sound bytes WBBM news radio July 2, 2014


 Audio Highway Over Our Heads w1        Audio Highway Over Our Heads w2


Sound bytes WBBM news radio

The new O’Hare runway configuration that’s become a quality of life issue for some northwest side residents is attracting “throngs of people” to the cause of fighting the noise, according to some, and they say politicians who won’t listen will pay at the ballot box. WBBM’s Mike Krauser reports

Sauganash DYost 1                                                  Sauganash DYost 2


Complaints about O’Hare airplane noise increase NBC June 20, 2014

Critics say FAA’s stats wrong on O’Hare WGN June 19, 2014


FAiR’s very own cartoon! Chicago Sun-times June 9, 2014


From FAiRs Bensenville chapter. Sound proofing? We think not!

FAiR Supporters are everywhere!!


FAiR supporters are all ages!

Wood Dale Prairie Fest

Wood Dale Prairie Fest


Jefferson Park Fest


Homeowners upset over O’Hare noise win property tax appeals

(Click to watch)