FAiR Policy Statement – Midway

FAiR Policy Statement Concerning Midway Airport

In February 2014, the FAA approved a new arrival path into Midway Airport runway 22L. This change, which was approved without any real community input, drastically increases air traffic over the near South and Southwest sides of Chicago by shifting current airplane traffic into landing directly over communities such as but not limited to Chinatown, Armour Square, Bridgeport, McKinley Park and Brighton Park.

The change, which suggests that pilots land using I-55 as a guide, has resulted in the arrivals using a path that is up to a mile south of 1-55 – a path that is primarily populated with residences, schools and parks.

This massive shift in airplane traffic puts the burden of noise, fuel, air and visual pollution almost solely on the residents and businesses of these neighborhoods.

Together with continued expansion of Midway’s offerings, this concentrated increase in airplane traffic will negatively impact the health and quality of life for residents and businesses within the communities on the near South and Southwest sides of Chicago.

Fair Allocation in Runways (FAiR) Midway Coalition proposes the following solutions:

  1. Devise a neighborhood based plan; working with MNCC, Midway Airport and the FAA to reduce the residential impact of the new arrival path 22L by following the procedures in accordance with the Fly Quiet Program that was adopted in June of 1997.
  1. Expand noise monitoring and abatement programs to ensure specific communities are not unduly burdened.
  1. Make “Fly Quiet” the official mandatory policy for Midway