Legislative/Legal Docs

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Illinois Senate Resolutions

SR 0200 Fly Quiet
SR 0690 Fly Quiet

Cook County Resolutions and Referendums

Cook County Resolution 3/11/14
Referendum Laurino/Oconnor May 2, 2014
Resolution Laurino/Oconnor/Oconnor/Arena June 25, 2014

FAiR Letters to Rahm Emanuel

FAiR Letter to Mayor Emanuel July 13, 2013
Letter to Mayor Emanuel February 11, 2014
Quigley Emanuel FAiR Meeting Request March 11, 2014
FAiR request to meet Mayor Emanuel April 28, 2014

Suburban O’Hare Commission (SOC)

Letter to ONCC Chair, A.Juracek

JDA Memo requesting information

JDA – 3-25-15 Letter to Barry Cooper

JDA – 3-25-15 Letter to Michael Boland

Other Documents

HRES 810 H

HR3384 Quiet Communities Act of 2015114th Congress

FAA Response to FAiR 8/13

Letter to CDA from Quigley & Shakowski
Letter from Alderman Laurino to Chicago Department of Aviation
Letter from Congressmen Quigley to FAA
Congressman Quigley/Shakowsky/Duckworth letter to the FAA
National Transportation & Safety Board Recommendations
Letter from Park Ridge to Alderman Laurino and Alderman O’Connor
FAiR Letter to Senator Kirk June 2014
FAiR Letter to Senator Durbin June 2014
D. Reboletti 98th General Assembly 2014
FAiR Letter in support of PR SEIS request August 22, 2014
Congress DNL Letter to FAA September 12, 2014
FAA Response to 65 DNL November 11, 2014 
Letter to CDA regarding 311 from Quigley, Schakowsky, Duckworth
Letter to House of Representative on NextGen and community involvement January 29, 2015
20151105 RGallego Bill to compel FAA to reconsider flight paths
Soto Fly Quiet letter to Cooper and Boland 
Paul Fitchner DuPage County Letter Framework November 24, 2015