20160108 Chicago Sun Times Rude O’Hare awakening sleep deprived residents unload on city aviation commissioner

20160108 Crians City floats 1 billion plan for final new runway at O’Hare

20160112 DNAinfo Napolitano asks Rahm to appoint him to O’Hare noise commission

20160113 Crains Springfield war spreads to key O’Hare project

20160116 Journal Topics Chart progress on easing overnight O’Hare noise

20160118 DNAinfo Noise crisis should halt O’Hare expansion reopen runways

20160118 Daily Herald Suburbs hit by jet noise await O’Hare plans

20160119 Sun Times only 11% of overnight O’Hare flights are cargo planes

20160122 DNA info Rahm to meet with Anti-O’Hare noise group

20160125 Sun Times 87000 residents could be affected by 5 new O’Hare night flight paths

20160126 Journal topics 23 request later FAiR gets meeting with Emanuel

20160127 DNAinfo O’Hare’s diagonal runway wont reopen Rahm tells anti noise group

20160127 CBS Homeowners call O’Hare noise meeting with mayor a waste of time

20160127 ABC7 O’Hare noise group who sought meeting with mayor for 2 years disappointed with meeting

20160127 Sun Times FAiR calls long awaited meteting with Emanuel waste of our time

20160127 Chicago Tribune O’Hare anitnoise leader Emanuel does not care

20160127 Chicago Tonight O’Hare noise complaint advocates meet with mayor

20160127 Daily Herald O’Hare noise group disappointed with Emanuel meeting

20160127 DNAinfo Put Anti-noise group on O’Hare commission city watchdog says

20160130 Chicago Tribune Emanuel gets  O’Hare runway deal but no new gates means delays continue

20160130 DNAinfo Rahm Announces deal for new O’Hare runway ignoring please to halt expansion

20160130 Crains Business 1.3 Billion deal reached for new O’Hare runway

20160202 Chicago Sun Times  Emanuel accused of playing hide the ball on O’Hare runway deal

20160204 Chicago Tonight Chicago aviation commissioner on O’Hare noise expansion

20160207 DNAinfo O’Hare to get 5 new gates paid for by America Airlines city says

20160217 DNAinfo Plan designed to quite night skies near O’Hare advances

20160218 NBC Flight to Chicago is most delayed in Nation

20160222 Sun Times O’Hare weary homeowners could get insulation tax credits

20160304 Washington Post Advances in airport technology mean sleepless nights for some

20160308 DNAinfo Bill Halting O’Hare expansion gets council hearing Thursday

20160310 SunTimes Plan to save diagonal runways at O’Hare grounded

20160310 DNAInfo  Council Committee slaps down bid to halt O’Hare expansion

20160311 DNAinfo O’Hare runway rotation plan heads to feds but not everyone is on board

20160314 Crains Chicago Business Chicago Aviation Chief thinking big on more gates.

20160321 CookCounty record Bensenville residents again claim O’Hare runway noise illegal property taking

20160323 ChicagoNow O’Hare stinky reputation worsens

20160419 DNAInfo O’Hare runway rotation plan heads back to the gate to get everyone on board

20160505 Chicago Tribune O’Hare plan could reduce night noise for 68,000 residents

20160506 DNAinfo O’Hare runway rotation plan approved overwhelmingly

20160506 ABC7 Group approves fly quiet plan to reduce jet noise around O’Hare

20160509 DNAInfo O’Hare noise complaints from Chicago rise 77 percent this year

20160509 Chicago Tribune O’Hare noise plan solves some problems creates new ones

20160516 Crains A move to take over control of O’Hare midway emerges

20160520 DNAinfo  O’Hare antinoise activists favor push to stip Rahm of Airport Control

20160603 DNAInfo Rahm says no seat for Ald, Napolitano on O’Hare noise commission

20160608 DNAinfo Anti-noise group does not belong on O’Hare noise commission

20160618 Daily Herald Tollway Canadian Pacific Railway sparring over location of western bypass

20160620 Chicago Tribune City submits O’Hare fly quiet plan to FAA for early July start

20160705 SunTimes O’Hare night flight shakeup debuts Wednesday through Dec 25th

20160705 ChicagoTribune O’Hare to begin testing nighttime flight rotation to spread the noise

20160707 DNAinfo Put antinoise group on O’Hare commission, NW side mans proposed law says

20160711 Daily Herald Air traffic controllers question safety of O’Hare runway  rotation

20160712 DNAinfo Effort to give voice to airport noise activists detoured by city council

20160714 Chicago Business O’Hare gate deal takes off nine more now likely dozens soon after

20160715 Chicago Tribune Emanuel announces plan to add new gates to O’Hare

20160715 DNAinfo new gates revamped Iternational terminal and more

20160718 Chicago Tribune delays not the only reason travelers dread O’Hare

20160725 NYtimes next item on Obamas climate agenda, airplane pollution

20160810 Chicago Tribune Construction to begin on new O’Hare runway

20160812 DNAinfo Storms complicate 1st week of effort to quiet night skies O’Hare

20160812 DNAinfo as bulldozers roll effort to halt O’Hare expansion because of noise ends

20160815 Chicago Tribune O’Hare fly quiet meeting gets noisy with shouting accusations

20160817 Chicago Business Is the O’Hare western access plan going off the rails